4th Wall Solutions Storage Door Storage Hooks Rack for Fishing Rods, Kayak Paddles, Garden Instruments – Best Rod Holders

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The Storage Door Storage HOOKS RACK attaches to the hinge tube for your storage door so no tools required. In difference to others, ours is designed to be stack-ready (no flow) and ours fits all sizes of doors, even custom doors. When mounted on the storage door, it goes up and down with the storage door. In difference to most storage door racks, Our hooks procedure way NO THREADING IN FROM THE SIDE and can retailer items most others can no longer like float fishing rods, Kayak paddles and most of the garden tools like, brooms, rakes, and hoes. It moreover way less probability of unfavourable fishing rod eyelets. With the incorporated mounting brackets that you might per chance mount for your walls Horizontally or Vertically or flush to the ceiling or putting down from the ceiling in you storage, storage room or laundry room. 30% of traders bewitch a 2nd quandary by reordering or procuring for 2 sets to birth. Our Merchandise given to USPS the same or subsequent industry day. Questions replied to same day. Comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sorry Angela, I need to beget talked about to set the Majority of the burden of your fishing rod between the brackets and no longer OUTSIDE of the Mounting Brackets. I’ve sold heaps of of these and your contemporary on-line criticism is the ideal one I’ve received with this being a quandary.Store Fishing Rods, Kayak Paddles, & just about all light Garden Instruments for your Storage Door
Merely clips to Storage Door hinge so installs in seconds, no tools required
Hooks in save of dwelling of rings so NO THREADING IN FROM THE SIDE and necessary less at risk of hurt rod eyelets plus permits you to retailer rods, (even float fishing rods) paddles and garden tools most other racks can no longer.
Additionally involves brackets to mount on Partitions or Ceilings Horizontally or Vertically
All questions answered the SAME DAY. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Orders Constantly sent to USPS the subsequent day.

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