AGOOL Stainless Metal Saltwater Fishing Hook 34007 O’shaughnessy Forged Prolonged Shank Hook Extra Powerful for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing Size 1/0-10/0

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Well designed stainless metallic saltwater hooks, ringed peep, special barb hook plot for less mortality price.

Discipline fabric: stainless metallic

10 sizes availabal: 1/0-10/0

130pcs mix size involves:
20pcs 1/0
20pcs 2/0
20pcs 3/0
20pcs 4/0
20pcs 6/0
10pcs 8/0
20pcs fishing beads

AGOOL O’shaughnessy saltwater hooks are constituted of stainless metallic, which supplies the hooks excessive power and corrosion resistance. Queer tempering route of ensures even power and effective. Earlier than being tempered the hooks are forged, which on this context manner that the hook wire is rather compressed. By doing this, the skill of the hook is elevated by over 30%! A Straight peep perpendicular to hook plane. The shank, bend, point and barb are all within the connected plane without a offset which makes the this hook immense for saltwater and freshwater fishing.O’shaughnessy Stainless Metal Fishing Hook is a time-examined and standard hook frail for a sizable diversity of inshore and offshore fishing,Mature saltwater sort for trolling or total aim bait fishing
Stainless Metal Hook is constituted of 420 stainless metallic for a immense efficiency against rust,forged for marvelous power and needle intelligent for rapidly penetration
Ringed peep is good for trolling, chunking, or jigging, straight long shank could perhaps also also be eradicated comparatively with out problems from the fish
2X heavy, 1X long,Normal all-aim saltwater hook. In sort for Lefty Deceiver, Charlies, Gotcha’s, F-C Salt Shaker, F-C Sand Tiny and a variety of others
NOTE-The hook is extremely intelligent.Please rob like handing it,and succor it out of child’s reach

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