GL Electronic Fishing Alarms Bite Alarms for Fish with LED Lights Sound Alert (Pack of 3)

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Fishing chunk fright 3 pack – A minute but highly efficient system giving you more freedom whereas fishing.

Suggestions to Utilize

Simply clamp it for your fishing pole, wrap fishing line spherical dial switcher and that you will seemingly be ready to fish.

What It Can Attain

1. Enable you fishing at night or totally darkness
2. Enable you fishing utilizing more than one pole at identical time
3. You may maybe maybe protect a nap, read a book or attain other things whereas fishing
and is never going to omit a chunk


1. Loud sound fright and radiant led lights, aid you hear a ways-off fishing poles and in totally darkness
2. Working effectively at humid ambiance
3. Tiny, lightweight, is now not going to protect house
4. Legitimate, by no means omit a chunk, and is never going to fright falsely which means that of current or wind
5. Like minded, Works with every originate of fishing rods
6. Very easy to make inform of, work upon arrival, now not up to 1 minute to mount

What You Web

3 pieces Fishing AlarmSound – light fright system for fishing. The fright will yell you, when a fish hits or runs.
Tiny and beautiful produce, easy to protect up, easy to install. You greatest must clip this fright on rod, and then wrap the fishing line spherical fright.
Will not smash your fishing line, very sensitive when fish swallows the bait. Develop now not ring within the wind but will when fish strike the rod.
Powered by three LR44/AG13 button cell subject subject, energy saving.
Supreme for fishing at night, in entire darkness, they is also rather more treasured since they now not greatest emit sound, they additionally protect away darkness from when a fish hits or runs.

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