Green Blob Outdoor Underwater Fishing Light LED 15000 Lumens 12 Volt Evening Fish Attracting Saltwater IP68 Water resistant Snook Tarpon Trout Redfish Bass Crappie Shad Squid Ice

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Green Blob Outdoor underwater fishing lights are every handcrafted to be used within the cruelest saltwater surroundings. Our led underwater fishing lights encompass a 6 month guarantee. Our green underwater led lights are rated at up to 50,000 hours and in difference to the light halogen will no longer overheat. In fact, our green led underwater lights will no longer overheat out of water. Most fascinating for docks, boats kayaks and pontoon boats as successfully. Our underwater dock and fishing lights are supreme for each contemporary and saltwater. These lights work tall for Snook, Crappie, Trout, Bass, Catfish, Tarpon and even an occasional shark. We’ve had possibilities ship us movies to level it! We like to accumulate movies and photography of success tales utilizing the green blob underwater lights all over the arena. In fact you never know what species these lights will attract. Green Blob Outdoor underwater fishing and dock lights are merely one of the most life like made and are priced merely. Want bait? Good flip on your blob and accumulate the dip procure provocative, Our lights attract all forms of bait fish including little, shad, minnows and extra. Our Green Blob Underwater Lights are designed to plot shut the punishment from the cruelest environments. Our underwater lights are undoubtedly designed for underwater employ nonetheless will also be historic safely above water as successfully. Obtainable in green, white, and blue colour underwater lights. All Green Blob LED underwater fishing lights encompass 30 ft of energy twine. And no need for mounting something. Good fall it in! All of our lights are built within the united states. by Green Blob Outdoor LLC in Rockdale Texas. Mountainous for ponds, rivers, saltwater, and freshwater lakes. Our Green Blob Underwater Dock lights encompass a easy 3-prong 110 volt plug with 30ft of cable. Our boat series of lights encompass battery alligator clips or Cigarette lighter accent plug. From all of us at Green Blob Outdoor, we’re searching for to thanks prematurely for your alternate.Not possible 15000 Lumens 360 Stage Output! Most fascinating for each boats and fishing docks,
24 – 7 IP68 Continuous Underwater Exercise Ranking. Designed for Each Unique and Saltwater.
16 inches in size, Rated for 50,000 hours of persevering with employ, Self Weighting machine: Good fall it in you celebrated fishing gap and accumulate provocative for the action, no added weights a really extraordinary.
Green LED Underwater Evening Fishing Light | Extremely Fine at Attracting Dapper Predatory Fish
Coloration: Green. Arrives Total and Willing to budge! Assign the Alligator Clips to a 12 volt battery and experience. The Blob 15000 draws handiest 4.5 amps DC so this would perchance operate several days on an entirely charged marine battery.

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