Luna Sea Cush-It Floating Rod Butt Cushion – All Species – Yellow

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Combating huge gamefish locations a sort of brute force against an angler’s physique. The Cush-it’s designed to grip and bend into the physique so this may per chance per chance per chance offer protection to the angler from that force. The bulbous kill absorbs the shock, keeping apart the rod butt from the angler. It is tapered on the internal to fit and grip any size rod butt. It is UV resistant, saltwater resistant, and so light weight and joyful. It retail outlets with out utter on the bottom of any rocket launcher for rapidly, easy procure entry to. No more have to modify or wear pudgy combating belts. Right here is a big replacement to fish combating belts. The Cush-it (Cushit) will imply that you would have the ability to transfer freely around the boat. The angler can withhold the rod wherever on the physique. Passing the rod off to any individual else is easy, no trading belts and re-adjusting. Utilize your cooler as a combating chair while sitting on the Big Sport Cush-it, this may per chance per chance per chance give your hands a leisure, and it adds huge leverage while the usage of the ball of the Cush-it as a pivot point.The Cush-it also protects the boat floor and seat cushions from gouges, scratches, and rips that a bare gimbal can assemble. No other instrument can provide you with the comfort and ease that the Big Sport Cush-it have to. Mannequin and rod butt sizing knowledge: Inshore (rod butts 3/4″ to 1 1/16″ diameter), Elite Bass (rod butts 3/4″ to 1 1/16″ diameter), All Species (rod butts 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ diameter), Big Bass (rod butts 1″ to 1 3/8″ diameter), Big Sport (fits all rods).FLOATS YOUR ROD – Retains your rod afloat within the water
NO MORE BRUISES – Cushion you from your rod butt
EASY HANDLING – Makes it easy to scamper the rod from one angler to yet every other
PREVENT DINGS – Shield your boat from dings and unintended bumps

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