PEETZ CJ Particular 3-Race Herring Fishing Spoon Lure | Nickel Plated Brass | UV Fluoro Red & Silver/Gold Scale | Ice Fishing Laborious Bait for Arctic Char Dolly Varden Bull Trout

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CJ Particular lures gain an motion no longer like any diversified fishing spoon on the market. Darting laterally thru the water in an putrid swimming sample that predatory sport fish receive irresistible, 3″ extensive physique Brass CJ’s were proven equally effective for casting, trolling and jigging.

Prime quality hand polished nickel plated brass lure easy.
Stainless-steel treble hook for long-term sturdiness, even in corrosive saltwater prerequisites.
UV Ultraviolet, Prismatic and Holographic additional-durable Mylars.
Wounded reasonable swimming motion.
Additional stable welded rings and swivel rig.

Trolling – Troll at speeds of 2-3mph within the back of a ship from a downrigger, deep diver gadget or by adding fishing weights to the line. This lure will even be deadly six toes within the back of a flasher or dodger.
Casting – Solid the CJ lure by itself, or by adding additional fishing weights to the line and retrieving. Vary retrieve tempo for differing desired lure actions.
Jigging & Ice Fishing Drop the CJ to your required depth and “jig” by raising your rod tip in a like a flash 1-3 foot vertical motion. Allow the lure to free tumble for 2-3 seconds sooner than repeating. This scheme causes the lure to behave esteem an injured minnow that would possibly well no longer swim straight and therefore imitates “easy prey”. When Ice Fishing place in mind adding bait or scent with this lure.

SPECIES The three” Brass CJ Particular has been venerable to home a extensive number of fish species: Bass, Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Pike, Musky, Char, Jackfish, Barracuda and Shad.

Make a choice this steel spoon bait from PEETZ Originate air and overview it to your self. PEETZ guarantees this product in opposition to defects in manufacturing for the invaluable lifetime of the product. Phrases and prerequisites note.

Señuelos de pesca de latón.
3″ de largo.
Gancho de acero inoxidable.ONE OF A KIND SWIMMING ACTION | The CJ Particular UV Fluorescent Red laborious bait lure swims no longer just like the relaxation you gain gotten already bought for your variety out box. With an isometric, perfectly balanced create and a dispute, bend and twist within the tail, the lures roll in one route, then reverse and lag within the unsuitable map. This erratic motion mimics baitfish no longer like any diversified lure on the market and has proven extraordinarily effective for all predatory fish examined.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS | High-gauge nickel-plated brass, razor piquant stainless-steel treble hooks, welded rings
VERSATILE | Brass CJ lures are effective for Jigging, Casting and Trolling. (Instructions below). They’re also a current for ice fishing!
KEY SPECS | Body length: 3 inches. Weight: 30 grams. Hook: Stainless Steel Treble.
ESPAÑOL | Para ver las características en español, consulte la descripción a continuación.

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