RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Procure with Telescoping Pole Address Extends to 50 Inches

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The sturdy catch is designed for comfort no matter the keep you arena up. Constituted of gentle-weight relaxed mesh, it is gentle on catches, helping to abet it in optimal shape when getting it out of the water.
The fish catch with take care of weighs lower than one pound, making it extremely easy to abet and commandeer.
The folding fishing catch has an further prolonged take care of for improved reach to snag your catches. Or no longer it is designed to fold up with out complications, for effortless transport and storage. Its new pick up makes it easy to fit the folding fishing catch in rod lockers, in tools baggage, garages, backpack and different storage locations.

Hoop: Width 16″, Length 16″.
Secure Depth: 10″.
Aluminum Pole version Lengthen Length max: 50″(Pole and Procure), take care of extends from 18″ to 36″.
Stainless Metal Pole version Lengthen Length max: 43″(Pole and Procure), take care of extends from 18″ to 32″.
Weight: 0.7 lb for Aluminum Pole version, 0.9 lb for Stainless Metal Pole version.

1 x fishing landing catch
Fishing landing catch is made of sturdy netting and a corrosion resistant aluminum take care of to make certain prolonged bound efficiency and genuine bid. Giant to be used fishing in salt water and original water!
The telescopic take care of extends from 18″ to 36″ permits for the further reach wished to make a selection up to your snatch, giant for teenagers and adults.
Gentle-weight relaxed mesh is no longer going to destroy fish, making it a finest machine for both newbie and progressed fishermen to bid for snatch and liberate.
Fishing catch with take care of is foldable and retractable, easy fit correct into a storage or rod locker.
A flip of the take care of opens and locks the net into region. 300 and sixty five days Warranty guarantee.

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