FishRight- Robotic Swimming Fishing Lure- 5.12″ USB Rechargeable LED Light Multi Joint Segment Swim Bait Hard Lure with Instructions Price: $28.89 (as of 06/07/2020 04:48 PST- Details)

This Lure uses its life like colors, design and movements to attract any prospected game fish. The robotic swimming lure is a multi-section durable design powered by a high-speed motor that activates within 3 seconds of contacting the water. The lure will swim for 5-10 seconds then stop to allow fish to bite. The LED light is designed to attract fish both day and night!
Instructions are included with the package to insure a stress free and successful fishing experience. Here are FishRight we are always here for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback!
After Charging for 3-4 hours the Robotic Fish comes to life! Swimming for 1-1.5 hours this lure is irresistible to any hungry fish! Using a simple USB charging system it is easy to recharge and go again!