SUPERTHEO Fishing Instruments Kit with Hooks, Bullet Bass Casting Sinkers, Fishing Swivels Snaps, Sinker Slides, Fishing Line Beads, Fishing Direct with Style out Field Lanyard

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SUPERTHEO Fishing Instruments Kit, Fishing Direct with Style out Field Lanyard

Five causes you needs to be fishing the SUPERTHEO tackles…

1. It entails nearly the instruments you will moreover just want to fishing.
2. Portable size for box, fishing backpack and fishing vest’s pocket.
3. Invaluable instruments serve take care of fishing more atmosphere succesful.
4. Additionally a reward for fishing fanatics.
5. For most fishing eventualities.

Kit integrated:
*Entire 140PCS fishing swivels connectors
*1 X Plastic Field
*1 X Dim Elastic Lanyard

ATTENTION: This role contains diminutive and spicy map, please be careful exact thru the use and KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN!


1. Fishing Hooks:
#1/0-5pcs, size: 1.5*0.8in
#1-5pcs, size: 1.35*0.8in
#2-5pcs, size: 1.3*0.75in

2. 3-system Fishing Swivels:
#1-5pcs-100lbs, size: 1.1*0.7in
#2-5pcs-90lbs, size: 1.05*0.65in
#3-5pcs-80lbs, size: 1*0.6in

3. Fishing Rolling Swivel with Lock Snap
#1/0-10pcs-93lbs, size: 1.95in
#2-10pcs-73lbs, size: 1.6in
#4-10pcs-42lbs, size: 1.3in

4. Fishing Rolling Barrel Swivels
#1/0-10pcs-104lbs, size: 0.9in
#2-10pcs-88lbs, size: 0.7in
#4-10pcs-70lbs, size: 0.6in

5. Fishing Line Sliders
White-5pcs, size: 1.7*0.6in
Crimson-5pcs, size: 1.2*0.7in
Yellow-10pcs, size: 1.3*0.3in

6. Sinkers
Gold: 0.2oz-3pcs, 0.07oz3pcs
Silver: 0.53oz2pcs, 0.35oz2pcs

7. Wreck up Rings-10pcs-Dia: 0.4in

8. Shining Fishing Beads-10pcs-Dia: 0.18in

SUPERTHEO keeps fishing fun!INCLUDED – The fishing take care of box role comes with 140pcs foremost fishing instruments: Fishing Hooks, Sinkers, Rolling Swivels, Three system nasty-line fishing swivels, Fishing Line Sliders, Clip Connector and Fishing Beads etc. ethical for all kinds of fishing prerequisites.
PICK IT UP – Bring it with your fishing day out, with out considerations suits to your fishing seat box, fishing backpack and fishing vest’s pocket, Create your fishing more convenient, no want to effort about objects.
USEFUL – These Fishing instruments are designed to be passe in freshwater or saltwater. Receive more fish and have your line within the water longer as a alternative of wasting time combating curved traces.
SIZE – The fishing take care of is supplied with a compact box with a murky elastic lanyard. Field Size: 4.8*4*1.2in. lanyard size is approx 9.5in with elasticity. Weight is approx 9.5oz, transportable size and weight for carry besides wherever you crawl to fishing.
SUPERIOR SERVICE – we provide Beefy 15 Month Anxiousness-Free Guarantee with Lifetime strengthen! 24-hour buyer service strengthen, correct suppose and revel in this qualified product with self perception and innocuous!

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